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VISIOTT's pharmaceutical track and trace solutions

You can implement serialization and aggregation operations using VISIOTT’s Pharmaceutical Track and Trace solutions. We develop our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry in two main segments: hardware and software. We also have documentation and project consulting services that complement these solutions. 

We can successfully manage integrations with government pharma traceability systems (DSCSA, EU-FMD, ITS, ANVISA, CRPT, etc), and other 3rd party software (SAP AATP, ERP, Tracelink, etc). Our expert team performs validation documentation and implementation of all software and hardware comply with the GAMP 5 and 21 CFR PART 11 standards. While performing this, we consider the high-quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. More than 100 companies in Turkey have been using VISIOTT solutions since 2009. And also, pharmaceutical companies in the international market have started to use our solutions with appreciation.

VISIOTT has developed its solutions in compliance with the regulations of the all countries with its experience in Turkey. Using our software and hardware solutions, you can easily perform serialization, aggregation, and notification operations complying with the regulations of these countries. VISIOTT is one of the rare companies that has achieved serialization and aggregation of over ten billion products worldwide. Our team considers patient safety and tries to provide the best solutions to our customers. We aim to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level in the pharma track and trace requirements.

Software Solutions

We have developed our software taking into account all track and trace requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Our improved line (L2), plant (L3), and company (L4) level software offers solutions following the regulations of US (DSCSA), Europe (EU-FM), Turkey (İTS), Russia (CRPT), Brazil (ANVISA), and other countries and makes the required notifications.

Our software solutions developed following the ANSI ISA 95 standards. Thus, you can achieve maximum data integrity and efficiency using minimum hardware resources with them. Our software is integrated into more than 50 ERP, MES, and Level 4 systems, already popular in the pharmaceutical industry. It can easily be integrated into other systems thanks to its customizable structure. You can get information about our line and plant level Pharmaceutical Track and Trace software clicking the pictures below.

L2 | VISIOTT Line Manager serialization and aggregation software

VISIOTT Line Manager Serialization and Aggregation Software is able to implement real time connections and control with many devices for Track and Trace operations. Its practical  configurable infrastructure allows it to be integrated with new devices easily. VISIOTT Line Manager software has been designed for not needing a LEVEL 3 System but to be able to report its results to LEVEL 3 System very fast. This design allows all network resources to be used most efficiently.

This software also works as integrated with VISIOTT Level 3 Plant Manager. Thus, all the data reported by VisioTT Line Manager might be monitored instantly and turned into useful databases like OEE,  Work Time, Shift Information etc. While the communication architecture of serialization and aggregation software is created, the GS1 organization’s EPCIS and CBV standards have been used. That’s why, VISIOTT Line Manager has web services which can integrate with third party LEVEL 3 Track and Trace Solution easily.

By means of VISIOTT Line Manager Serialization and Aggregation software, you can implement all your controls, changes and reportings which you  instantly need during your Track and Trace operations by using the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry. All possible track and trace processes in LEVEL 2 might be managed with VISIOTT Line Manager Serialization and Aggregation Software.

For more detailed information, please contact us.  Our experienced experts will support you for your different projects.

Key Features

  • A standalone serialization and aggregation solution which can be integrated into a variety of L3 or L4 server software with its flexible features
  • Manages serialization and aggregation processes either manually or online with the data provided by EPCIS environment
  • Generates, commissions and decommissions serial numbers as per GS1 and/or other specified standards where EPCIS environment is not available
  • Real-time communication with devices used in serialization and aggregation operation (Label Printer, Handheld Scanner, Industrial Camera etc.).
  • Single-screen management of operating parameters of devices.
  • Receives assigned work order from Plant Manager
  • Feeds printers buffer with serial numbers during production
  • Manages verification and rejection processes
  • Provides OCR/OCV for human readable alphanumerical texts
  • Provides Data Matrix codes on high-resolution pictures that are decoding in a short time. 
  • Receives production data and code status from devices during production
  • Updates production data and statistics in real time
  • Supporting English, German, Russian and Turkish languages as default
  • Configurable synchronization to EPCIS
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant
  • GAMP 5 validated


VISIOTT Plant Manager (L3) software

As an innovative software system, the VISIOTT Plant Manager manages all serialization processes of level 3 Track & Trace on just one screen. The main function of the VISIOTT Plant Manager is the assignment of product orders to the lines by any EPCIS server or level 4 solutions. After the work order, he saves the serialization and aggregation data.

This software is highly compatible with our serialization and aggregation stations. The L2 Software Line Manager works perfectly with the Level 3 Track & Trace operations of the Plant Manager software. VISIOTT Level 2 Line Manager runs efficiently in our serialization and aggregation stations. The VISIOTT Plant Manager software can be easily integrated into various serialization and aggregation stations from third-party providers. For this integration you should have a predefined integration interface of your stations in order to be able to carry out operations.

If no Level 4 solution is available, VISIOTT Plant Manager operates processes such as master data, product recipe management and work orders. The VISIOTT Plant Manager software has supported many Level 4 and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) solutions and integrations through this solution. In addition, we can implement software development for new Level 4 or OEE solutions.

The Plant Manager software is a perfect assistant for level 3 track & trace operations to implement aggregation and serialization processes. This process is your company's first step towards digital transformation. Currently this solution works in many pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetic and commercial explosives plants for perfect serialization and aggregation operations.

For more detailed information, please contact us. Our experienced experts will support you in your various projects.

Main features of the VISIOTT Level 3 Track and Trace software

  • A finished library supports many level 4 and the integration of ERP systems.
  • A simple interface through any internet browser.
  • Create an XML file and report for the central authority for various regulations.
  • You manage the work order, recipe management and master data internally.
  • Provision of the traceability of the (life cycle) serial numbers.
  • The languages English, German, Russian and Turkish are supported by default.
  • EPCIS, FEEM compliant
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • GAMP 5 validated

The VISIOTT Plant Manager software for Level 3 Track & Trace can report to the following country systems.

Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Focused Hardware

We design and manufacture all of VISIOTT’s machines in our manufacturing plant. Using our machines, you can easily implement serialization and aggregation operations in your high-speed pharmaceutical production lines. In addition, you can comply with the requirements of the EU-FMD regulations with our tamper-evident labeling stations. Our machine solutions work integrated with line (L2) and plant (L3) level software of VISIOTT. 

VISIOTT designs and produces serialization and aggregation stations compatible with all kinds of rarely used packaging in the industry, including cartons and bottles. We also manufacture low-function systems such as conveyors, turntables, and stainless tables. Also, we apply equipment cleaning and safety rules meticulously to all our designs and productions following GMP.



Manual Aggregation Station
Semi-Automatic Aggregation Station
Automatic Bundle Aggregation Station
Swith Aggregation Station txt
Serialzation Integration Solution For Cartoner



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