Track and Trace

IJS 200

Serialization in just 500 mm footprint ...

VISIOPHARMA IJS-200 Series Serialization Station is designed to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry with its compact design, without compromising the functionality.


VISIOPHARMA STE-210 stations are all in one solution for serialization and tamper evident labeling requirements with a compact and modular design.

It allows the manufacturers to comply with both EU and other regulations in just one single unit, while saving space in package lin


VISIOPHARMA ABAS-120 Automatic Bundle Aggregation Station brings you the performance of automated process without needing to modify your existing line. It's an ideal solution to place your next bundling machines, and your bundles are ready with verified aggregation labels in less than 1500 mm space


An economical alternative for challenging aggregation projects ...

VISIOPHARMA MAS-100 Manual Aggregation Station is a complete solution for any type of manual aggregation operation. It can be customized to meet the needs of your clients.

Visiopharma Line Manager (L2) software

VISIOPHARMA LineManager is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning users . With this centralized station software, lineSetup is reduced to minimum, ensuring the integrity of each serial number. The interface with the higher level EPCIS serial number manager is done by standard EPCIS messaging protocol.

After a work / production order is allocated, VISIOPHARMA LM accesses the proper production formats from the plant database and con fi gures all the devices on the line, avoiding operators' intervention and prevent any con fi guration mistakes.

Together with VISIOPHARMA Aggregation SW Modules, it's able to create aggregation data in parent / child relation into unlimited outer packages like bundles, cases, pallets, etc., while preserving any rework, change or disassociation option in future.

Main features

  • A L3 or L4 server software with its flexible features
  • Manages serialization processes either manually or online with the data provided by EPCIS environment
  • Generic, commissions and decommissions serial numbers as per GS1 and / or other specified standards where EPCIS environment is not available
  • Controls all line coders and printers
  • Configure each device on the line to the relevant production
  • Receives assigned workorder from PlantManger
  • Feeds printers with serialnotages during production
  • Manages verification and rejection processes
  • Provides OCR / OCV for human readable alphanumerical texts
  • Receives production data and code status from devices during production
  • Update productiondata and statistics in real time
  • Configurable serial number buffer
  • Configurable synchronization to EPCIS
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant
  • GAMP 5 validated

VISIOPHARMA Plant Manager (L3) software

Main function of VISIOPHARMA PlantManager SW is to allocate production orders issued by a L4 solutions or any EPCIS server to the lines. It is the best way to get the best results from the L4 solution.

In case there is no L4 solution, it works as a standalone solution to manage all serialization operations in a site with its serial number generation, master data management, recipe management, work order management and many more features.

It also works as a gateway between the line management software and any L4 software platform with many ready connectors. Reporting add-on functions also enable the solution to report directly to regulatory authorities' central repositories.

Main features

  • Manages serialization rules
  • Manages production orders
  • Manages product recipes, where necessary integrating to corporate labeling solution
  • Generate production orders and returns to L4 servers
  • Manages notification / reporting to regulatory repositories
  • EPCIS compliant
  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • GAMP 5 validated